Project Brief: SRAM asked us to develop a prototype that would encourage more cycling inter/intra college campuses, serving as a more convenient method of transit in dense, traffic-heavy cities.​ The design process lent itself to an array of possibilities for digital wood fabrication. We met the needs of a novice rider with the fabrication of a wooden bike that provided much opportunity for user-customization.

Nivay : Designer, Fabricator

Ariel  : Researcher, Graphic Designer

Simon: CAD Modeling

Three spoke wheels
Three spoke wheels


A commuting bicycle designed for the DIY student.


a brief look into our research phase

finding connections between what we had seen on campus

finding connections between what we had seen on campus

Murhpys' law ride,

what could possibly go wrong during a commute

exploration through sketch

my twin plywood panel concept

justifying wood as a material and solving problems with models

multiple full scale iterations helped refine the final model by revealing issues early on

3 axis CNC machining helped reduce tolerances and illustrate the ease of assembly

-download the file

-cut it in the lab

- assemble it with simple tools

-customize it