Give Cleveland Golf a sense of my style and approach to a problem by rapidly designing a next generation driver concept.  

Project Intention


Ideation to final form

Concept refinement

CAD sketching

24 hour project compiled for Cleveland golf, project for hiring prospects

Next Generation Golf Driver

My design process and project overview

Persona Development

Development of project criteria

Interpretation of research through rapid thumbnail sketch

3D CAD sketching and rapid prototyping with ABS

Character development

Making that character "cute" and baby like

Interpreting that character into a small device

Interpreting that character in a world acting as a companion

Laser cut and ABS printed scale models used to visualize and refine the form


Riff on "simon" game. Child rewarded with launching of ball

Neutral , boy and girl color study






Preliminary bill of materials

Balance study model to test theory of loaded base

My design process and project overview

Persona Development

Club head criteria

Patent research

Golf digest club rankings 2012

2nd Ranked Classic

11th Ranked CG Black

Driver game improving SWOT

USGA 2012-2015 Equipment Standards Overview

Understanding Aerodynamics

Inspirational Imagery: Jakes lifestyle

Research Summary


Rapid form development

Precedence: Evolution of Club Head

Inspirational Imagery: Aerodynamic Precedence

Rapid form development

Rapid form development

Rapid form development